New Movies of 2016

New Movies // 1.21.2016
New Movies of 2016

2016 has just gotten started, but already, it looks like it’s going to be a very exciting year for movie-lovers. And the best part is that there truly is a film this year that’s sure to be perfect for everyone, regardless of age, interest, or genre-preference. If you’re a cinema buff or just someone looking for a fun time at the movies, grab some popcorn, sit back, and check out these awesome up and coming movies that you just can’t miss in the new year!

Hail, Caesar!

If you’re a Coen Brothers fan, then you won’t want to miss Hail, Caesar!, slated for release on February 5th. This film is a baseball movie set in the Golden Age of Hollywood. The main subject of this flick will be Eddie Mannix, a long-ago Hollywood fixer who went on to become an MGM handler, despite his devious past. Josh Brolin will star as the lead character, with George Clooney, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and Scarlett Johansson joining the cast as well. It’s going to be zany and wonderful, like all the Coen Brothers films thus far!

Midnight Special

Another big movie that has people talking is Midnight Special. It’s being described as a “science fiction thriller” and is set to star Adam Driver ad Kirsten Dunst, among others. The film’s plot will focus on a father named Roy who wishes to protect his young son, who has special gifts, from a group of religious extremists and the governmental task force who are all out to get him. The film’s maker calls it a “chase flick,” but so far, it’s being talked up as artsy, original, and definitely not one to miss.

The Witch

If scary movies are your thing, then you’ll for sure want to check out The Witch when it’s released on February 26. It has a unique setting for a horror flick- New England in the 17th century. Its plot centers on a colonial family who loses a son in the woods and who has a daughter who appears to be practicing witchcraft. People are already raving about the film, which nabbed a “Best Directing” award at the Sundance Film Festival, proving it’s so much more than just your average slasher flick.

Pete’s Dragon

Looking for something a little more family friendly? For a flick you can take the kids to, be sure to check out Disney’s remake of Pete’s Dragon. You’ve probably seen the original, but, just in case, it’s the story of a boy and his magical dragon, and the special effects are sure to be a lot better this time around. While Disney isn’t providing a whole lot of details on the film, it’s said that it will not be a musical and that it will star Michael C. Hall, among others. It’s sure to be a big hit for kids and kids at heart alike.

As you can see, this is going to be a really exciting and diverse year for movies, so get the popcorn ready and buy your tickets!