Magnum in Literature

Magnums in Literature


Movies and video games aren’t the only places you can find the Desert Eagle Pistol. From time to time, we’ve run into mentions of the gun in books. A search recently turned up more than 50 readily available fiction and non-fiction works, from the obvious (firearms reference books) to the not-so-obvious (an Oprah selection). As you might expect, the most common fiction genres are action/adventure, fantasy/science fiction, and mystery. Here are a few novels by well-known authors that give the Desert Eagle at least a passing reference.

• Soul Circus, by George Pelecanos
• The Final Country, by James Crumley
• The Corrections, by Jonathan Franzen
• The Prometheus Deception, by Robert Ludlum

And here are a couple of non-fiction works (other than books that are obviously about guns):

• Shaq Talks Back, by Shaquille O’Neal
• Celebrity Skin: Tattoos, Brands, and Body Adornments of the Stars, by Jim Gerard

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