Leonardo Dicaprio on The Revenant

Drama // 3.04.2016
Dicaprio on The Revenant

As almost everyone now knows Leonardo Dicaprio finally won his first Oscar after being nominated multiple time throughout the past two decades. It was well deserved and something he should have gotten a long time ago, but now he has finally won because of a great movie. Leo is one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars and actors as he constantly is engaged in high profile movies. His acting abilities stretch far and wide as he has played all different types of roles where he gives it his absolute all.

There hasn’t been a time that his movies were not critically acclaimed and he is one of the few actors of the modern day to stick to projects that are in line with his views as an artist and he is constantly rewarded for them.

It finally took a bear and fighting on screen with actor pal Tom Hardy in Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s The Revenant for the actor to win his first Oscar from the Academy Awards.

A Fine Actor

Leo is not just a great actor but also someone who knows what projects to pick. There hasn’t ever been a time where he let the money dictate a project and instead goes best for him to continue on with his artistic pursuits. Just to name a few of his past masterpieces were Wolf of Wall Street, Inception, Django Unchained, and The Departed.

The Revenant was a movie that wasn’t only difficult to stand as an actor but a physical task that everyone involved in participated in together to make one of the best films of the year and something that is going to stand the test of time as a classic of cinema.

There is a type of Method acting that truly transcends the term and is not just some gimmick but a true way of life for the actor to get into character and become that person for a while, to both himself, his peers, and eventually to showcase that on the big screen so people can revel in the art.

In an interview about the making of the movie, Leonardo discussed how Inarritu, the film’s director was instrumental in pushing this through and all he knew was he wanted to envelope himself in the depths of what nature had to offer.

He talked about surviving the elements when they were at their peak and compared it to man’s innate desire to conquer nature itself which is an iteration of humankind. Hugh Glass, the person he played said was representative of the new pioneer spirit of the American age at that time.

Leo remarked that having to contend with the elements was something that was inseparable from making the film. Nature itself interwove itself into the narrative it was trying to tell and it instead became even more of an authentic storytelling experience. He talked about the plight of the natives and how that is a crucial cause to him because he wants to protect the planet from the very people who depend on it and need it to not only survive, but to thrive.