Horror // 12.30.2015
Horror Film Legend

There are always a handful of Hollywood legends that persist throughout the years, regardless of whether or not there’s any validity to them. It can sometimes reach a feverish point where the legends overshadow the films themselves.

Here are a few movies that are cloaked in urban legends and myths. Maybe they’re true. Maybe not. But they make for a good spooky story in addition to a good spooky film!


One of the most popular legends of Poltergeist is that real human bones were using in the filmmaking process. You know that climactic scene towards the end of the movie? The one with the pool filling up with skeletons and nastiness after it’s revealed that those are the bones of the displaced inhabitants of the old graveyard?

Well, rumor has it that the prop makers of the movie found that real human bones were cheaper and faster than fabricating their own bones, so a human skeleton (maybe previously used for medical education) wound up in the filming of that scene.

There’s also a famous “curse” placed on the Poltergeist productions. Six actors are confirmed to have died during filming throughout the franchise, from sudden illnesses, accidents, or incidences of violence.

The Exorcist

Just like with Poltergeist, The Exorcist was famously reported to be cursed. While these things are unsurprising when the film deals with religion and general spookiness, there were nine people who were killed during the filming. That’s creepy, no matter how you look at it.

The house they filmed in mysteriously burned to the ground during production, and the only room that was left untouched by the blaze was Regan’s room… the place where all the possession scenes primarily took place.

Although most of the people involved with the film who died from the “curse” died after or during post-production on the movie, viewers of the film got pretty hysteric about the whole thing. A rash of suicides was blamed on the film, and people claimed that by simply watching the movie you could become possessed by a demon.

The Shining

Stanley Kubrick is a kind of mythical figure unto himself, and with the addition of one of the creepiest movies of all time messing with your brain, it’s no surprise that a number of weird legends have been linked to the movie.

One of the stranger theories involves people speculating that Kubrick was sneakily admitting to staging and filming the moon landing through subtle imagery scattered throughout the movie. (The rocket ship on Danny’s sweater, there’s a bunch of Tang in the pantry, and other far-reaching claims.)

Another legend centers around the idea that the entire movie is actually about the Holocaust and/or the massacre of the Native Americans. The plot is about another building set on top of another Indian Burial Ground… a favorite plot device. There’s also a plethora of Native American decorative imagery throughout the film, based on the set’s inspiration, the Stanley Hotel in Colorado.

The Holocaust/Nazi legend persists because of the number 42 cropping up frequently. It’s supposed to correlate with the year 1942, the year the Nazis began their last ditch effort to achieving their monstrous “Final Solution.”

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