Sci Fi/Fantasy // 1.6.2016
Star Wars Force Awakens

The force awakens is more than just a sequel to the epic stories told about the Star Wars universe both through cinema and its other mediums. It is a new entry to the story that encapsulated many when the first trilogy came out decades ago. It was a space drama no one had ever seen before that took them to a galaxy far far away and made them imagine things about the universe and be taken on a journey with the varied heroes and villains of the world. Minor spoilers ahead as the new film is analyzed and looked at through both an old and new perspective on the Star Wars Universe.

The new Star Wars film follows a few new leads, but with a major focus on Fin and Rey. Fin's backstory is one of the most unique perspectives they could have taken. Fin is first seen as just a stormtrooper, a nameless soldier who is referred to by a string of numbers and letters. This is a unique spin on picking a character because he isn't some lone hero, just a nameless man who has been trained to do one thing That is to fight and follow orders. Fin is given his name by the pilot who saves his life and the one's life he saves. He goes by Fin now and is beginning to let his individuality take hold of him. He doesn't know what he wants as he's just been indoctrinated his whole life to follow orders no matter how morally corrupt they might have been. He finds a purpose through his friendship with Rey and the journey he is whisked away on.

He begins to think for himself and question things. At first he begins to do selfish things and runs away from conflict, he doesn't know where he's running to but just wants to get away from it all. That is until friendship and companionship takes over instead. He begins to feel for the others around them and he realizes that if he abandons them then he will be abandoning his new self. The new Star Wars trilogy will see him grow even more as a person and assistance to the Rebellion against the New Order.

Rey is another one of the great new characters introduced to this franchise. She lives alone on the planet of Jakku and scavenges to survive. She is great at a lot of things she does and is a force to be reckoning with. In this new land she has been away from her family for years as it is speculated that they abandoned her in some shape or form. When she is called to action she struggles with accepting her fate, but knows she must do what she can. Rey is also not a damsel in distress. A scene of note is when she is getting robbed by a couple of thugs in her town. In typical fashion it looks like Fin is going to run up to her and save the day. In a fitting turn of events she takes out all three of them with her staff proving that she isn't one to be saved, but can take care of herself.

These new characters will help propel the franchise forward with fresh new faces and perspectives as they discover what it means to be adventurers in a galaxy far far away.

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