Drama // 12.30.2015

Creed is the talk of the town for all cinema lovers. Rocky cult followers feel just as victorious as the champ in the film. The suspense drama released back on November 25, 2015 is the sequel to the box office classic Rocky. Written by Aaron Covington and directed by Ryan Coogler, Creed is the seventh Rocky film. Personally, I only loved Rocky 1 and Rocky II. After he defeated the Russian pumped up on steroids with the roid rage in the ring, I lost interest in all the others. They just did not have the same suspense level. The first Rocky films had the audience rooting for him in the theaters as if they were really sitting ring side for the big event. Adonis Johnson Creed, played by Michael B. Jordan, gives us that excitement again, rooting for the underdog to come out on top against the odds. America needs that right about now.

The film revolves around Jordan's character Donnie, who is son of Apollo Creed. For Rocky followers, the name speaks volumes. But for those who do not know the character, Apollo Creed was a beast. Donnie, of course, wants to accomplish his dream of becoming a professional boxing champ. Serving time in a Los Angeles youth facility, Apollo Creed’s wife Mary Ann pays him visit and decides to take him in. Mary Ann shuts down young Creed’s ambition of becoming a boxer, dreading the memory her husband’s awful defeat 30 years earlier. Creed, filled with much fire and soul, refuses to be deprived of his dream. He leaves for Philadelphia in search of his father’s friend and rival Rocky Balboa. Creed asks Rocky to become his trainer. Rocky, of course, refuses initially due to recent brain trauma from his years in the ring.

Rocky eventually comes around to agreeing to train Creed after seeing the talent. Creed begins training. But what always happens with athletes, a beautiful young woman steps into the picture and either distracts him or becomes his muse to win. Defeating all the local fighters, Rocky gets a call from Conlan, challenging Creed. Creed accepts the offer. At that very moment, Creed discovers Rocky’s battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma disease. He forces him to undergo chemotherapy. Creed fights Conlan in Liverpool. Mary Ann sends him American flag trunks to wear like Apollo Creed to show her support. Creed, giving it all he has, is defeated by Conlan. However, Creed wins all the respect from Conlan and crowd cheering his name. Creed is embraced by the people as the future of the light heavyweight division. The entire fight plays like deja vu in remembrance of Apollo’s and Rocky’s time in the ring.

The film ends in a moment where, Rocky and Creed climb up the famous steps at Philadelphia Museum of Arts where a young Rocky use to run in his hoodie, reaching the top to the blood pumping song Eye of The Tiger. Creed was released in the week of Thanksgiving and it came a great time with all of the turmoil and chaos happening in major cities such as Chicago filled with many Creeds fighting for their right to live. The creation and characters of film smashed the box office. Who would have thought Rocky number seven would be the one to pump the life back into the classic? It has grossed $71 million worldwide, where the original projection of film was a mere $35 million. It conquered the hearts of people around the world. Creed is an inspiration.

Drama, Sports